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Do I Need An Outdoor Shower Enclosure?

When you are on a budget, it’s best to cut down the costs in order to avoid getting in financial trouble. But frugality shouldn’t stop you from getting the things you really need. A balance between what you afford and what you get is the key not to feel deprived. However, it might be sometimes challenging to tell the difference between what you should or shouldn’t buy. 


Things are easy when it comes to expensive or luxury products. But when it comes to affordable ones, purchasing too many of the ones that seem so at the beginning might be a big mistake. Outdoor showers are not a luxury anymore. The materials, fixtures and faucets are reasonably priced nowadays. But what about the outdoor shower enclosure itself? Do you really need one? Should you install one?


When it comes to this outdoor treat and necessity, you know you can’t do without the basics. But the enclosure might not seem mandatory if you are trying hard to save up. As a matter of fact it is and you should save a bit of extra money for it. 


This is nothing complicated. Four posts made of treated lumber will be good enough as a start. Then you can use materials like slatted wood, horizontal boards and concrete. All the pieces of wood should be properly treated in order to prevent them from forming mold. In this very wet environment, wood can decay fast. 


Make sure that the outdoor shower enclosure is high enough in order to give you maximum privacy. Don’t go too high though. You might want to place some clothing or towels on it later on. If you have a box of tools, things should be quite easy. Think about the one that you would like to have and learn more from a good website that provides the details from building it.


Good drainage is highly important so research a bit about the drainage system available. You can attach the outdoor shower to the house to run hot water. The structure should be spacious, allowing everyone to shower accordingly and conveniently. A dressing space is great if you have some extra space and it doesn’t require a big investment.


An outdoor shower enclosure is a must for your comfort and privacy. As long as you do your homework and look for high quality materials that are reasonably priced you will never regret spending some money for it. Keep things simple but don’t compromise on quality. It’s always better to have something simple and effective than some elaborated yet cheap design. 

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